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Medical Equipments supplier & Project Management Company

We supply of various products in healthcare industry from Medical equipment, laboratory reagents, rapid test kits, pills cases, hospital furniture etc.

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Our Health Project we work

Involve improves how medical facilities function. Its purpose is to resolve issues in the current operations and implement policies that enhance patient care and foster positive relationships with stakeholders

General Manager

Mr Eclass Kilawa

General Manager

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Dear Customers and Partners, Our company, Transcend Group has just entered its Three year of professional service delivery in health care solutions, Technology,Medical Supplies and Project management. Throughout these years, it has exhibited continued determination and a will to build strong and long-lasting foundations for its development and sustainability. Thanks to the strategic choices, professionalism and expertise of its staff and partners, Transcend Group has been able to secure its position on highly competitive markets and to keep up a steady and progressive pace of development. On behalf of the Transcend Group family, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to all our customers for granting us the privilege of being their ally in the cause of better access to a wide range of health care solutions. With such a solid record, we are more than ever determined to persevere on the path of success, development and continuous improvement of our services and performance in the full respect of the community development and uncompromised public health concerns for the benefit of all Thank you and welcome at Transcend Group.


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